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Dedicated to maintaining your maritime assets, Global Ship Services offers a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions crafted to meet the highest industry standards. Specializing in the repair and maintenance of ship main and auxiliary engines, we leverage decades of expertise to provide timely, safe, and effective services. These services swiftly and efficiently restore your vessels to operational status, ensuring minimal downtime and cost. Trust us to handle your most challenging maritime projects within budget and on schedule.

About Us

Global Ship Services, deeply rooted in a long-standing tradition of maritime excellence, places safety at the forefront of all operations. Based in Poland, our team is equipped to handle comprehensive repair and maintenance tasks across a diverse fleet. From structural damage repair to main engine maintenance, our approach combines safety, quality, and speed to ensure that your ships are returned to service as soon as possible. Our diverse clientele trusts us for our ability to deliver on complex requirements, making us a preferred partner in the maritime industry.

Global Ship Services - Your Maintenance and Repair Experts to Keep You Afloat

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Global Ship Services Sp. z o.o. adheres to stringent international and local

maritime repair regulations. We ensure that all operations are executed

under the highest compliance and safety standards, emphasizing our

commitment to quality and reliability.

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